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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 24, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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>> lou: good evening, everybody, we begin tonight with a middle east in crisis and the biggest flare-up in israeli-palestinian violence, in years. israel's offensive began last week, in response to a relentless barrage of missiles from palestinians. since then, the sharp escalation on both sides has raised fears of a widening conflict and the possibility of a repeat of israel's 2008 invasion of gaza. following similar rocket attacks then by hamas, this time around, however, the rules are vastly different. israel's missile defense systems
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greatly improved, the iron dome successfully intercepting hundreds of in coming rockets, but, israel is facing a better armed hamas, that has the backing of a new islamist government in egypt. this all presenting a serious challenge for both the united states, and the obama administration. and, new obstacles in creating a genuine israeli-palestinian peace process. we'll take all of that up here tonight, with admiral james lyons, retired commander of the u.s. pacific fleet and also, president obama wants more in the $1.5 trillion in tax hikes, but he has no plan -- or announced cuts in spending, why those tax hikes don't add up to anything meaningful and we'll talk with the ceo of cke restaurants, andy puzder and says, tax rates will stifle economic growth and our favorite doctors are here, to psychoanalyze the scandal that
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brought down the head of the cia. we are delighted to be joined, now, by the admiral james lyons, retired commander of the u.s. pacific fleet. it is always good to have you with us. thanks for being here. >> nice to be back with you, lou. >> lou: let's turn, to first, the talking pois. which, it seems that no one after general petraeus made it clear there had been changes in those talking points, the testimony before congress s been surveyed, and congressman mike rogers, the chair of the house intelligence committee, said, it has to be the white house, because everybody else has testified that they didn't. do you agree? >> i agree. and, in that deputy's committee i'm hurry the white house representative and the national securityfrom the national security agency, council, had his marching orders. >> lou: his marching orders and petraeus for his part says part of the confusion here, that is
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primarily, i believe, it is safe to say the confusion between the testimony he gave to congress, three days after september 11th, and what he said over the past few days, to congress, represents what happens when you try to avoid tipping off terrorists, do you buy that? >> well, according to congressman king, it certain indicates that petraeus lied during his first testimony. >> lou: and not a ploy but, rather, straightforwardly misrepresented the truth, to congress. is it possible for a military man, the head of the intelligence agency, to decide, take it upon himself or herself, the good of the country and misrepresent reality, to the united states congre? >> i don't know what type of pressures were borne on them, but, certainly, based on what congressman king has reported,
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in the open press, it certainly appears that way. >> lou: let's turn to the president, pivoting as the white house is putting it, to the pacific which means he is, obviously, now in southeast asia, you see a more political motivation, here, than if you will, geopolitical or foreign policy issues. >> well, this is the old wash game when you have a scandal breaking and brewing, in washington, get out of town. >> lou: and what do you think of the president deciding to use the language of the former military government, of burma, and refer to burma as myanmar, what do you make of that, if anything? >> well, i really don't know what to make of it. but, certainly, while he's out there, on this trip, i certainly hope he would take the opportunity to condemn china for
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its bullying and aggressive tactics and items island imperialism the sou and east china sea and while he's there, he should make it very clear to china that should their tactics involve any hostilities between our allies, japan, and the philippines, our mutual defense treaty will be brought into play. anything less than that, will not deter china from its aggressive taics. a shot needs to be fired across our bow. >> lou: turning to israel and the engagement with hamas, which looks like, rht now, despite the involvement of the united nations secretary-general and others, in trying to mediate, it looks like it could well turn into a ground operation, which the israelis have threatened within a matter of days. what are your -- what is your outlook? >> well, i think that certainly
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is a possibility, but, lou you have to step back from this. who supplies hamas? it is iran. and, you've got to look aa iran's role in the current conflict. certainly, egypt has a hand from morsi and his disastrous economic policy. but, what it has done for iran, it certainly has taken the iran nuclear issue off of the table. you can't even find it in the paper today. and, let's face it. iran has been at war with the united states for over 33 years, they conducted another act of war, just a week or so ago when they fired on our unmanned drone. as usual, we did not come forth to meet the challenge. >> lou: admiral, thank you very much and as you point out, the national media, not taking note of iran in this context. the conflict between israel and
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hamas. not taking note of the president's agenda and the absence of china on his pacifi pivot. admiral, we always appreciate talking to you. thanks so much for your time. >> nice to be here. >> lou: joining us now is congressman louie gohmer, elected to a' term and vice air of the committee on terrorism and homeland security and served as chief justice for the 12th court of appeals. let's start with the fiscal cliff. i want to go to your call for a special prosecutor. on benghazi, but, going to the fiscal cliff, the speaker making it very clear, that hs going to approach the negotiation of the white house, on the cliff, positive with some sense at least of accommodation, potential accommodation, if his terms are met. that is positive stuff, don't you think? >> well, it is positive.
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t, there's a lot of pressure, right now, and, of course, pressure is what you can use to take care bonn and make diamonds. this is the time to be bold. this is not the time to be defensive and i'm glad the speaker has come forward with a proposal but, the thing is, we ought to be taking the president's words and sticking them back with him. he wants everybody to pay their fair shar let's do it. let's ve capital gains, 15%. let's have income tax, 15%, gift taxes, 15%, let's make sure that warren buffett finally starts paying at least as much as his secretary, in the percentage, and, what has been proposed, here, by the president, will not have warren buffett paying the same as his secretary, in percentage. let's have a flat tax, lou. let's take the president at his word. if you make more you will pay more and this i thenly way that that is going to happen.
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>> lou: you know, i believe the speaker boehner, perhaps the president himself may have been talking to you, talking to steve forbes and others who talked about theossibility of reforming the entire tax code. that could -- >> this is a great time. you know, the kind of time... and, not only that, let's don't forget the last time that the senate had a budget, it was when harry reid worked with his friend, speaker pelosi and nobody in the 2008 budget complained that it wasn't spending enough money. let's go back to 2008. $2.5 trillion, and cuts off a trillion in spending, right there. >> lou: there are all sorts of ways to get there, as you suggest here tonight, and, as suggested in other forums as well, but the idea that this president an boehner are coming together to have at least a civil discourse over what in the
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world we're going to do about the fiscal cliff, six weeks remain, are you any more hopeful as a result of the tone they've taken on the first day o discussion? >> well, i wasn't hopeful with the president's tone, when he said -- >> are you being partisan he? >> i'm not being partisan, i am being objective, when i say that the president proposed $1.6 trillion in new revenue? he wants to destroy the economy? come on. whon their right mind will allow that kind of increase to devastate the economy. it will not be hostess going out ofbusiness. >> lou: that is a good point and it is interesting, no one is talking about the fact that individual tax payments, taxpayer payments, internal revenue service, receipts from those taxpayers have risen 26% under the bush tax cuts, over the past two years which tells
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us that the awer here is growth. >> that's right. >> lou: i'm a simple fellow and i'd like to see everybody start talking to each other. let me turn to benghazi, because, the special prosecutor. there is a sense of hopelessness that is palpable in washington, d.c., right now. because, i don't believe the congress feels that it has the strength or the tools to actually penetrate the veil of denial and secrecy and opaqueness that is the administration, when it comes to what it has done. witness the last nine weeks. you are calling for a special prosecutor, and the fellow who has to do that work for the president of the united states. >> that's right, the attorney general. the attorney general has to do it. we -- >> do you really see eric holder saying, you know what? congressman, i think you have a splendid idea and what we'll do is we're going to investigate ourselves. >> well, if he doesn't appoint a
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special prosecutor, someone to do an independent investigation what you have is the very people who have floated the idea of prosecuting general petraeus for adultery in the military. there's all kinds of things floated that they might do to him, there's all kinds of pressure that can be brought to bear. >> lou: wait. are you saying you don't think, speaking earlier, with former cia operative, harry bernson, you don't think it is a poincince, all of that hell started raining down on david petraeus's head as soon as he issued the... with the administration, the timeline on benghazi, did you. >> exactly and i love your sarcasm, one of the reasons i love you, lou. that is exactly the problem and the way we do have the tools, number one, we have the purse strings, if it becomes a department of injustice we have the power to defund it.
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and, when it is clearly being used to exact injustice, it is time to defund the parts of it that are being unjust. we have that power. and, the other thing that is so -- >> real quick. >> when the american people rise up and say, this is crazy, people were crying for help and nobody did anything? you know, the commercial about, who do you want wanting the phone at 3:00 a.m., the answer we find out, for heaven's sakes, somebody answer the phone. and nobody did. the president goes to bed, people were being tortured and terrorized, and killed. and he goes to bed? who was acting president pro tem? valerie jarrett? we need to know. because i tell you what? we're going to fin out the protocol requires that when an ambassador becomes under attack, he has to know within 10 minutes. who was notified? president pro tem jarrett? who? we need to know and this attorney general is not going to do it. the american people need to rise
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up and make it clear, we need an independent investigation. >> lou: congressman, as always, good talking with you, thanks for being here. >> always good to talk to you, lou. >> lou: from leaders descending on the white house to persuade the president t be pro business. the ceo of restaurant chain carl's, jr. and hardee's, doesn't think the president is doesn't think the president is listing, 4g lte is the fastest. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ?
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isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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over >> lou: a group of top ceos also meeting with the president, today, saying they were encouraged, but my next guest says raising tax rates will stifle business growth and cost jobs, joining me now, andy puzder, of ck restaants that owns carl's, jr. and hardee's. good to have you with us. >> good to be here, lou. lou: let's start with the idea that this president wants $1.6 trillion, in new taxes,
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that is a heck of an initial bargaining position, isn't it. >> it is. the president talks about tax rates and wants tax rate increases and converts tha into dollars and the real question here is, can you raise tax revenues? the only way to raise enough revenues to get us out of trouble is private sector growth and you will not have that, if you are sealing the private sector you wil raise their taxes and, their health care costs and their energy costs and raise their labor costs and people are not going to invest, you will not find the job creation you need. american businesses want the president to succeed. i didn't support him or vote for him but i want him to succeed, because his success is tied to my success. and, conversely, his success is tied to the success of american business, and, if he can -- there ought to be common ground here. i'm not seeing it yet. >> lou: what do you think of the idea that a dozen ceos from big companies show up at the white house, to talk big with the big guy, but, small business, that creates most of the jobs in the country not represented.
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these folks represent a fraction of our economy. and, they have a major, major portion of the lobbying efforts, and the pressure that is applied in washington. what is your reaction to that, andy? >> these are good people, smart peop, intelligent people, t, you really have to look at how they are motivated different than small businesses would be, and, these large businesses can be the judge of govnment actions and it is easy to select them and move them out and they can be ubject to a tax and also are sometimes subsidized, so they've got to worry about their subsidies and may have government contracts and are concerned about those, small businesses aren't concerned with those things and could make a much better case to the president. as to what needs to be done in the economy to create jobs. what would it take for sul businesses, business men and women, to create jobs and grow the economy. he needs to ask, i think, he would get a consistent answer across the broad spectrum and doesn't need to keep talking to
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the same high-level executives he has been talking to and needs to get into the lower levels and talk to small business men and women. >> lou: let's you and i get down to brass tacks here. we are talking about raising the top rate -- the president is talking about it and we are dragged along with him. talking about almost 40%, raising the top rate, about 40% and talking about -- you know, we already see the top 2%, paying 50% of all of the taxes. i don't know what the impact will be. but, i do have a sneaking suspicion that the president isn't aware that the fact that individual tax payments to this government have risen be 25% under the bush tax rates over the past two years and that the real answer is staring him and everybody else in the face, that is, growth. >> yes. >> lou: private sector growth is the only way out and the government has done everything it could possibly do, $800
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billion in stimulus and interest rates are almost at zero and we are printing money like it is going out of style and the government has done what it can do and now the private sector has to move in and the 39.6 tax rate, you are not adding in the 3.8%, obama increase in payroll taxes, it is over 40% and it hits small businesses, subchapter-s corporations and, llc as and flow-flew entities and the corpote tax rate goes down and it makes them feel good and the businesses hit by the tax increases are the very small and mid-sized businesses that create jobs. >> lou: folks who weren't there today, andy. the folks were not there today. >> same people that they'll hit with obamacare and internally increases and labor cost increases. >> lou: what if i told you that i think it makes some sense, give him at the margin what he wants on taxes, okay? whether that is on investment tanks capping deductions,
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basically what mitt romney was proposing, which made a lot of sense, i think for most folks, get this done, and, then, sa all right, now what will you do? you will still be left, if you roll all of that up, you are still going to be left with a huge hole called the deficit and it will have to mean cutting the federal budget. >> so, even if we increase the tax rates, as you noted, by the way, the top 1% in this country makes 17% of the income, and pay 37% of the taxes. i mean, so, the fair share argument really isn't -- >> up against a hard out here, and i'm going to ask you to give us your last thought here. >> mr. president, please, please, work with the business community. we want you to succeed. but, you are putting impediments in our way that make it impossible. we want you to succeed, we want to succeed. work with us. please work with us. >> andy puzder, thanks for being with us. european nations on the wrong
8:23 pm
side of the fiscal cliff but the president says america can steer clear. >> president barack obama: i believe it is solvable and my budget, frankly does it and i don't the republicans to adopt my budget, i recognize we have to compromise. compromise is hard. >> lou: more than a trillion-and-a-half dollars in tax hikes, no spenng cuts. tax hikes, no spenng cuts. what is the deal? so, what happens if i'm in an accident and need to get my car fixed? progressive makes it easy, because we give you choices. you can pick where to get your car fixed, we can cut you a check, or, at our service center, we take care of everything for you. [ relaxing music playing ] [ chuckles ] -whew, so many choices. -take your time. he service center. -okay. giving you choices -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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♪ >> lou: well the president wants to raise taxes. by $1.6 trillion. that is his opening gambit. his initial bargaining position. on the fiscal cliff. he wants to that over the next decade. and, this is the kind of math i like, it works out to $160 billion per year, in taxes.
8:27 pm
republicans howling about that. are they wrong to be upset? let's look at numbers. earlier this year, the president unveiled a 3.8 -- i love this. we talk about these numbers like there is nothing do it. $3.8 trillion budget. all right, he forecast a $1.3 trillion deficit. okay? so that means, if i can figure that out, he had $2.5 trillion to work with. $1.3 trillion in deficit. $901 billion, for next year, in deficit and our national debt is now over $16 trillion, and everybody knows that, i don't ed to write that down. and, the president's big plan, he wants -- wants $1.6 trillion in new taxes. and here's how he wants to get there. first he wants to raise 8$849
8:28 pm
billion over ten years by allowing the bush tax cuts, here they go... away. on the 31st of december, this year. they'll expire for households with incomes more than $250,000, $849 billion, includes $206 billion, of higher taxes on dividends. $123 billion, on limiting itemized deductions. $36 billion, higher taxes on capital gains. and, next, the white house want to raise another $584 billion, over ten years... $584 billion, of that, over ten years by reducing the value of certain tax breaks, cutting tax breaks related to charitable contributions and, by the way it may have an impact on the housing industry and that should get everybody a little excited. we have something good going here as the saying goes now, in
8:29 pm
the housing industry and let's quash that. the rest of the president's $1.6 trillion, comes from raising taxes on options, commodity traders, corporate owned life insurance policies and energy companies and let's get serious for a moment. the $1.6 trillion over a decade breaks down to $160 billion, each year, this leaves a hole of $840 billion. if we want to balance the budget, the president likes to deem it -- you are looking at a $1 trillion deficit, the president likes to demonize the bush tax cuts and he won't tell you this, but i will: the tax revenue is already increasing to the federal government under the bush rates. in fact, individual income tax payments have risen 233 billion
8:30 pm
dollars over the course of the past two years, up 26%. and raising the marginal tax rate is a sure recipe for recession, and even bigger deficits, according to the congressional budget office. that wasn't part of today's news conference, so far it has not been part of the discussion. don't you think it ought to be? president obama to meet with some of the country's most respected ceos. can they convince him to take the path to prosperity? the path tthe boys use? capital one venture miles for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use. [ cheering ]
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[heart beating] [heartbeat continues] [heartbeat, music playing louder] ♪ i'm feeling better since you know me... ♪ announcer: this song was created with heartbeats of children in need. find out how it can help frontline health workers bring hope to millions of children at >> lou: president obama meeting with heads of the labor unions today, who say the president is committed to higher taxes, on top earners, saying the rich don't pay their share and tomorrow a group of ceos from
8:34 pm
companies like general electric, walmart, and ford and chevron will meet with the president and some members of the campaign to fix the debt movement, pushing for a long term plan to fix our debt and deficit. joining me now, one of the country's most provocative political and economic thinkers, george gilbert, ands the author of "the israel test", a you new edition released today. george, great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> lou: let's start with politics, governor huckabee and i talked about how much he dislikes -- he' sick of them, right now and rationally so, but we are faced with economic calamity if we don't -- our politics don't work here. what would you put the odds at, we'll see rationality, when it comes to the fiscal cliff. >> zero. if we could keep our current tax rates we'd continue to increase government revenues, you know,
8:35 pm
government revenues have increased 26% under the bush tax rates over the last two years, and the only reason -- >> say that again. >> over the last two years, government revenues have risen 26%, almost a quarter using the bush tax rates. low tax rates bring more revenues, not less. >> lou: demonstrate throughout economic history. but do you interpret this -- all of the drama around the fiscal cliff to be really, a total lack of faith? heresy in front of the growth model demonstrate as you point out, over the past two years, they are really saying, this economy can't grow fast enough to support the government. we won't see revenue increase unless we raise taxes. >> that is absolutely correct. but, of course, the perverse thing is you don't get growth if
8:36 pm
you raise tax rates. and, california and several to the ates, the top rate is approaching 50%, effectively with a 50% top rate. and, business has as much incentive to fire somebody, to lower costs, as to hire somebody to increase revenues. >> lou: we have a contemporaneous pareexperiment g on, in california bringing tax levels above 50%, the nation, right now, getting ready to move higher are we going to see california behave that's cas th in the coal mine, if you will when it comes to economic growth and the ability to support an ever-growing government. >> yes, people are fleeing california. california is a microcosm of what happens to countries that raise their tax rates. entrepreneurs flee and welfare
8:37 pm
recipients pour in and you get an unsustainable state of affairs, and that is california. unsustainable and meanwhile they e destroying silicon valley, which has been america's greatest asset. a source of all of our technology and our military power and potential for growth and we are sickling it over with a cast of green goo and everybody is angling for green subsidies and that is a tragedy. >> lou: compounded by the fact the money that has been spent, by this adnistration, if you will, on venture money, like solyndra, has been disasterous. >> they are twisting, stolt our venture capitalists and turning him into a little b-- and wants
8:38 pm
support him, rather than us, supporting -- >> john is being adaptive to new realities, and is the premium mary source of the capital and is turning to it, i suppose. i want to turn to this book. "the israel test", which you take up the issue of the rural civilization, the importance of israel within it. the capitalist, as well as jewish state. you really believe israel is that strong or important a fulcrum in the world's future? >> i certainly do. the american economy is heavily dependent on israel today. partly because of the debauchery of silicon valley but now israel is a crucial source of new technology for apple. all of apple's flash drives and just bought a new israeli company to empower its new
8:39 pm
technologies, microsoft, cisco, johnson and johnson, monsanto, all of these companies are dependent on technologies that come from israel and, of course our defenses are also deeply dependent on technologies that originate in israel and it is just, obama seems to think egypt is more important than israel or turkey is more important than israel. israel is the most important technology force in the world, next to the united states and if we keep on our current path, israel will be number one. >> lou: george gilbert, "the israel test", always good to talk to you. >> great to talk to you. >> lou: the book is "the israel test" and you can find a link on the land of free and the brave, how about a land of pansies and
8:40 pm
whiners. ? ? we'll tell you what greg gutfeld 4g lte is the fastest. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not lookg for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a fferent chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the foat altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon.
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more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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>> lou: our next guest says our country is under attack by liberals, who claim to be offended and outrage and try disguise their own intolerance, joining us now is greg gutfeld, amongst other things the cohost of "the five" on the fox news channel and the host of "red eye" which airs at 3:00 a.m. eastern and his new book is, here you go... "the joy of hate." how to triumph over whiners in the age of phony outrage. great to have you here, greg. >> pleasure to be here. >> lou: a brilliant book as we'd expect and laugh out loud funny. >> thank you. >> lou: as we were discussing. it is great. you came up with a word that i like to call... there is an orthodoxy, built around it. and, which you masterfully take apart.
8:44 pm
>> a tolerotic claims to be tolerant until they meet you and, they chant to you tolerance, and they travel in packs which i call the tolerati and a good example is "the huffington post" or malaria. everybody is toxic, but they are groups of people that, under the guise of open mindedness, try to close your options in life. >> lou: and you are so right. because there is this sense that they project, which is, a, they are superior and it is some kind of supremacy thing going on and the rest of us are louts, incapable of understanding their jegenius genius, and it goes throughout our society and i love, you referred to fox news as the death star, i love that. >> that is how they look at it. i have a chapter in the book, m wife and i tried to sell an apartment and walking around with the real estate agent and he's looking around and suing
8:45 pm
books people like mark stein, and, other things and, notices there is a picture of me with fox news and looks at me and goes, this is new york city, you might want to... and i go, i know, i know, i know. >> lou: 98% of the prospective buyers will be liberal. ectly and had to take everything and like put it into a chest. d we buried it in the ocean. so no one will ever find it. >> lou: it is striking when you refer to fox as the death star. greg is talking about the death star as overwhelming all of those left wing networks, we'll call them. msnbc, cnn, et cetera and it is true and you get one of two reaction and that is, you work for fox. and the other is, thank god, you work for fox and by the way, the latter reaction is the one that is 80% of the time, at least. >> you know what is funny? you run into people that are not fans of fox and, politics, five
8:46 pm
minutes, you realize they have never watched it and see something on a blog or will hear something and they -- the assumption is, that is the enemy and you will be at a bar, which is where i spend 95% of my time and i end up talking to these people and they are going, you are normal. you know? and i go, yes, because you have a strange view of what we are. >> lou: i have to say your book at various points conveys the sense at least that you would like to be in a drunken haze, significant portion of your time. we all know better. but, i have to give you credit for another one the juxtaposition of gnu and newks is one notice, hard to do. >> one of the worst jokes in the book, i compared bad news to being in a zoo with bad gnus and it may be the worst joke i've written and there is a lot i've
8:47 pm
written that are terrible. >> lou: and you have me worrying about the pronunciation of news and gnus... >> i'm not sure about pronouncing it incorrectly. the funny thing about a book, you you do the audio version -- which i didn't do. there are times you say words for the first time you never said before, like i never said e word gnus, which is probably "news" and i don't know, i never said it out loud. >> lou: all who are watching and listening to you, right now, can resolve all of that by simply buying this book, which we highly recommend "the joy of hate", check it out at and cck or to make a purchase or learn more about it. and, i love that analysis, i truly do. >> thank you. >> lou: a feature of our society, that needs to be dealt with. and greg has dealt with those son of a guns. thanks. >> thank you. >> lou: trade a sex scandal.
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>> lou: i have been just waiting and waiting to talk with my next two guest, joining me, to psychoanalyze david petraeus, some of our nation's leaders, and some of the liaisons, therapist dr. robbie ludwig an psychologist dr. jeffrey guardier, how does a man with a 37 year career, four star general in the us army, distinguished, respected, how in
8:52 pm
the world does he take the cia job and think suddenly he will not be surveilled, and the good guys, the bad guys and everything in between, watching every step he makes, what would you be thinking? >> he was thinking with the wrong head, right? you know, i think people engage... >> i'm glad you said that. >> i figured i could get away with it. people who know him well loved him and felt he was experienced a void and we talked about he had this exciting life, he was in afghanistan and iraq and then, moved here, and perhaps felt like he was missing the excitement. >> lou: he's the head of the cia. >> still, you know, everything can get boring and then he has this woman, who is... >> lou: who he did not find boring. >> not boring and very seductive. and very complimentary. >> and very sad. has a lot of the same values. >> admired him and let me tell you... >> spent a lot of time alone.
8:53 pm
>> i think she was very deliberate, you hear people talk about david petraeus, a very gorgeous reporter said, he was never flirtation, he was always honest and a stand-up guy. i think there was something unique to the situation that led to the fall-down. >> lou: let's go to the psychology of this woman. paula broadwell. here she is, a lieutenant colonel in the reserves, has top-secret clearances, she's literally writing a book, and she has never written a book before and she has isn't a contract to write it and goes to afghanistan, to talk to the general. this woman is an animated, energetic, driven stalker, at least on the surface of it, by all appearances. is there any possibility, psychologically that that is what she is all about. >> i don't know if she is really a stalker but is a ty-a personality, and, just as general petraeus was and knows
8:54 pm
what she wants, well it indicated and, bright and made leaps, and people said how can you become a biographer without having the experience and working with general petraeus and she's a married woman with children. so, she -- >> and, we should point out, studying at harvard, west point... >> tip top shape. worked her mind, worked her body. this is the thing of a very young person going after a man who she saw as a father figure and a lover and he couldn't turn down the fact that he had this beautiful young woman who compliment... >> lou: do you think it would have soured the moment if she said she saw you as a father figure. >> i don't think she sees him as a father figure. i don't think so. twins. i didn't see them coming.
8:55 pm
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>> lou: we're back with the doctors. and what i was getting at, i said, you know, this man is head of the cia. he's got responsibilities, he's got a wife who helped him build his career and turns his back on her, okay? and i understand the poor baby only gets to fly around in a g-4 and go wherever he wants, he's in charge of twormies fighting two wars at one point. where is the condemnation in
8:59 pm
society of this behavior. it is as if, the man presided over an 11-year-long war, basically. counterinsurgency and people are saying, well, you know, it is a private matter. it's not. it is a public matter here. >> i don't think it is something that happened overnight. this led -- there are a lot of things... >> lou: specifically about him. >> about him and this is what we see with other people -- >> we are desensitized. we are used to hollywood men cheating all the time and... >> lou: and the idea there is a certain sophistication and it is its own justification. >> put it into a category, people are stimulated sexually all the time and they do their jobs. why would david petraeus -- >> people get to these positions, they weren't just sitting somewhere and slowly got there. these are risk-takers. a lot of -- >> and, the longer you have been on the job... i d't know. >> when you have that kind of power -- >> we're out


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